Pets 4 Christ Medical Center

Welcome to the Pets 4 Christ Medical Center website! We are currently raising funds to build our flagship medical center that will exclusively service only 501(c)(3) rescues in the Sarasota/Manatee county area. Our focus will be to treat any dog or cat rescued and allow the organization that rescues the dog or cat to bring it to our facility for the initial exam and treatment. With veterinary costs being the largest expense of animal rescues, it is our desire to treat the newly rescued dogs and cats at or below actual cost of veterinary care.

Our targeted opening date for the new medical facility will be October, 2018. We invite you to be a part of this groundbreaking facility with a tax deductible donation today! We will be posting updates weekly so check back often to see our progress. Our hope is to eventually open facilities in many locations to accommodate the large number of animal rescues who work tirelessly to save helpless animals from abusive and abandonment situations. May God bless our mission to rise up and give our all to help these animals who can't help themselves.....

Sherri Peterson
(727) 631-2621